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A new gallery, long overdue.

Some new links.

A new gallery, tentatively titled #0508, of pictures taken here are there over the last couple of years, most of people I know and some of people I don't, all taken at night.

I know -- the lack of any significant update in over a year is really embarrassing. I'm working on a new gallery. I swear. Until then, I added my flickr.com photostream, which I only currently use for photos I take with my cell phone.

After some rather insistent urging from Leah Nash, I updated the photo links on my homepage.

ode to kodak e100sw, now discontinued

I also added some new links in the sidebar.

A long overdue gallery: The House on Stewart Road. It consists of pictures taken in and around my current apartment. It's a great place to live, and I need to have more parties.

I should also mention that I've retoned all the pictures in my last gallery. I had batch processed them, and I found myself dissatisfied with the results. I think they look much better now.

A new gallery: #0308.

the one where david goes to new york: In April, to commemorate the 29th anniversary of my birth, I went to New York. Purely by chance, this coincided with the relocation of my parents from their apartment in San Juan to a secure, undisclosed location in central New Jersey. Aging, travel, relocation, breakfast foods - it's the circle of life in 36 pictures, people. Go crazy.

Monday Nights & Other People's Kitchens: Where the same people gather at the same place week after week to take the same pictures over and over again. Also, please note the inordinate amount of time my friends and I spend in each others kitchens.

36 Pictures About My Kitchen: I live in a two bedroom apartment. I love it. Even so, I sleep on the couch. Much the same way I do most of my sleeping in the living room, I do most of my entertaining in the kitchen. Here's a gallery devoted to my favorite place to hang out, and my favorite people to hang out with.

Just a photo of Zach and Leah.

After Nellie's wedding, I though I would come back to Missouri and process, scan, tone, and post the photos within a matter of days. Instead it took me over two months. And there's more where that came from. I have many many rolls of film in various stages of neglect. Perhaps a New Year's resolution is in order.

I decided it was vitally important that I add a photo of Ellen to the web site.  

So I reorganized the site a bit so that it would allow me some flexibility in terms of adding new content to the home page without having to add entire new galleries. Part of that involves having this page here to list what's new and where to find it. Here's a list of what I added:

  • A new gallery devoted to the summer of 1996. I've been meaning to do that for a while.
  • A place where I can list when I'm going to be on the radio next. I plan to leave that at the top right corner.
  • Three photos from Chris's birthday party two weeks ago.
  • A really bad photo caption that I thought would be fun to share.
  • The results of my "Which Winona Are You?" quiz.
  • A teaser to the photos of Nellie's wedding, which I really should scan now.
  • Red #ad0808 is no longer my favorite red. I've switched to red #cc3300. I know. I'm a rebel.

I find that every time I make changes to the site, I end up regretting it. It's funny how I still like my old, old site a lot, with that strange blue font color I picked up somewhere.


Here are some links to some homepages I've had through the years: