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...Toward the start of the century there was a growing dissatisfaction with the Marianist photographic establishment in Central Missouri. In the West Garth district this led to mass defection from the academy by an avant-garde group that came to be know as the Farristas, who sought to break away from the orthodox, Mary-centered approach to photography, which they considered pass¯.

Characteristic of the photography of this new movement was a style aptly summarized as "Ellenism" which had as its objective the advancement of drinking as a means to pictorial expression. It employed repetitive imagery, loose composition, fluctuating color balances, and unreliable lighting techniques. The advent of Ellenism was seen as the first attempt to bring debauchery into the world of fine art.̣ The group sought to develop its own aesthetic, thus turning away from the documentary approaches of journalism in favor of a dialectical approach to art-making and alcohol consumption, which sought to synthesize the conflicted internal states of governance of the two activities.

The movement was not without its critics. "I'm not a fan," Ellen said. "I mean, don't you have enough pictures of me already?"