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That's Jill again up there, with Vivion instead of Seth this time, at a bar in the East Village in January. She moved away a year ago and yet she still managed to insert herself into my favorite photo from the new gallery -- 36 pictures taken here are there over the last couple of years, most of people I know and some of people I don't, all taken at night.

My flickr photostream!

Places to go, People to see...

Here are some links to keep you busy during the endless days and nights without a new gallery from me:

  • I'm updating the POYi Web site during the judging this year. Check out the winners.
  • Also from MU, my friend Greg did an amazing job with the MPW site
  • Holy cow, Kenneth has a moustache. Check out his pics from Afghanistan.
  • Leah Nash - If you liked her in #660000, you'll love her in #999933!

Still Stompin' at the Savoy

I've settled into a new schedule with my radio show. I'll be hosting stompin at the savoy on 89.5 FM every third and fourth Tuesday of the month from 9-11pm. Tune in!


A brief, and somewhat fictional, history of an important art movement.

Kodak has discontinued my favorite film, my all-time favorite film, the always saturated, always warm, color positive extravaganza Kodak calls E100SW. I bought myself a brick of good ol' E100SW on eBay for posterity, and that should last me for four more years, if I'm careful. However, this situation will certainly put in the unfortunate predicament of having to decide whether a particular scene is 'spongeworthy' or not.

While not quite as lively as the house on anthony street, the House on Stewart Road is nonetheless my favorite residence of all time. It doesn't have a kitchen counter, but it does have a really nice office in which to hang out. And unlike my old apartment, my upstairs neighbor won't come down in uniform to threaten me with a noise violation.

The latest in the exciting series of alphanumerically named galleries takes us to The House On Windsor several times, as well as to my parents' aforementioned secure, undisclosed location where my sister repeatedly points out "Your act hasn't changed much," to which I can only reply, "Neither has yours."

In April, to commemorate the 29th anniversary of my birth, I went to New York. Purely by chance, this coincided with the relocation of my parents from their apartment in San Juan to a secure, undisclosed location in central New Jersey. Aging, travel, relocation, breakfast foods - it's the circle of life in 36 pictures, people. Go crazy.

Where the same people gather at the same place week after week to take the same pictures over and over again. Also, please note the inordinate amount of time my friends and I spend in each others kitchens.

I live in a two bedroom apartment. I love it. Even so, I sleep on the couch. Much the same way I do most of my sleeping in the living room, I do most of my entertaining in the kitchen. Here's a gallery devoted to my favorite place to hang out, and my favorite people to hang out with.

It was a queer, sultry summer, the summer the Macarena was in style, and I didn't know what I was doing in Puerto Rico. I spent about seven weeks in Nellie's apartment on Calle Doctor Basora, watching her cat while she was in Australia, reading The Bell Jar and listening to Ella Fitzgerald, who died while I was there. Nothing much happened that summer, but I kind of like the pictures.

In the summer of 1995 I bought a blue stuffed gecko at The Nature Company in New York's South Street Seaport. My friend Gwyneth and I decided to name it Harvey after a classmate of ours from High School. I've been photographing him ever since.

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